A Momma's Secret

Snugababy The 4 in 1 Baby wrap


1.   Transfers sleeping baby from arms to crib!

2.   Lowers baby into crib- no more back pain!

3.   Tucks into sides of crib- safety is priority!

4.   Babies love the built in swing powered by you!


Take it from a momma’s perspective- this thing is a life saver all around for babies and caregivers!  The experience alone is priceless not to mention addictive!  This is what this mommy used every day for her babies- saved tons of time and the babies slept in their crib and not in our bed! 

***It is now designed for growth of your baby- use it until you can’t- their legs can come out of the ends***

The 4 in 1

Snugababy was started by a mommy that solved a problem for her need.  She wants to pass her 'secret' along to all the other people out there that have the same need.  Due to this was invented and designed by herself- she has added alot of other bonuses!  Check out the quick video to see the 10 seconds clip of Snugababy in motion.